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About Conquer

Founded in 2011, Conquer International has since grown to become one of the foremost and most trusted real estate agencies in Dubai. Our mandate is to bring forth quality service in a result-oriented fashion with a severe code of business conduct and complete lucidity for our clients. With a focus on providing a high quality service that puts the needs of the client above anything else, Conquer International managed to preserve its success even throughout the difficult period of the property market.

Made up of over 50 real estate professionals, the Conquer International team prides themselves on their transparent and trustworthy service. Our staff and directors have been in the real estate business for decades with rich comprehension about Dubai and the surrounding Emirates. Building solid and durable relationships with their clients, as well as with property developers and investors throughout the UAE, Conquer International endeavor to meet every requirement the client has, providing them with in-depth expertise and real estate advice.

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